FUTURES: Misc Paperwork

Please contact us at (866) 628-3001 or send an email to [email protected] if you have trouble finding the form(s) you need. You may request any of the forms listed below via email. Please include your name, account user name, mailing address (if different from our records), and the name of the form you are requesting.

You may print any form below and mail to:

MB Trading Futures
Attn: New Accounts
PO Box 49050
Charlotte, NC 28277-3432

alt Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.

Additional Account Types - Application for additional account types.

Futures ACH Authorization Form - Setup the ability to electronically transfer funds to and from your checking account. ACH transfers typically take up to 3 business days to process and are available at no charge. There is a limit of $100,000.00 per account per day for incoming funds and no limit on outgoing ACH transfers.

Futures ACH Deposit Form - To initiate an ACH (electronic) transfer of funds into your futures account from your checking account, please use this form and fax it to the cashiering department.

Funds Withdrawal Request - To withdraw funds out of your account via check or wire, please use this form and fax it to the cashiering department.

Futures Limited Trade Authorization - Authorizes an agent of the account holder to place futures transactions on behalf of the account holder. This form does not allow funds to be withdrawn from an account.

Internal Transfer Authorization - Transfer cash and securities between MB Trading accounts and/or other introducing brokers cleared by Apex.

Multiple Username Request - Request additional usernames to your current trading account.

W-8BEN - Declare non-resident alien individual, foreign entity or exempt foreign person status which is not subject to certain U.S. tax reporting or backup withholding rules.

Uniform Subscriber Addendum** - Required to trade Futures.

**In order to receive market data for futures, all users must complete the Uniform Subscriber Agreement. This can be faxed (310-388-3115) or emailed to [email protected]