FUTURES: Withdrawals

Withdraw funds from your MB Trading account by requesting a check or wire.

Note: All withdrawal requests are subjected to phone verification prior to transferring funds. The daily deadline to request funds from a futures account is 10:00AM for Domestic accounts and 9:00AM for Foreign accounts.

Checks and Wires

To submit a request, log in and click the online check or wire request button on the "Withdraw Funds" page. Withdrawal requests must match the account title contained at the firm. We are unable to process wires to third party beneficiaries.


To transfer funds between 2 MBT accounts, please download the Internal Transfer Request form and fax it into us. Funds can only be transferred between like accounts with the same name.

ACH Withdrawals

To withdraw via ACH, fax the funds withdrawal request form to (310) 388-3115 (you must have a Futures ACH Authorization form on file).

  • IRA Withdrawals: To withdraw funds from your IRA account, please download the appropriate IRA distribution form for your account type from Milllennium Trust Company's website at http://www.mtrustcompany.com/Forms.aspx
    Please mail or fax the distribution form to the address to Millennium Trust Company. Once the form is received, Millennium will complete the request form on your behalf and send it to MB Trading Futures with further instructions to withdraw your funds from your IRA account. MB Trading Futures is unable to process withdrawals for IRA accounts without approval from Millennium Trust Company. Please contact Millennium with any questions regarding completing their forms at (800)932-0053.
  • Restrictions on Withdrawals:
    • Check deposits in new accounts are held for 10 business days.
    • If the withdrawal would cause any type of maintenance call.
    • If the account is missing a physical address.
    • If any new accounts paperwork is missing on the account.
    • If there are any same-day liquidations (i.e., the client cannot liquidate futures positions and withdraw funds on the same day).