MBT LightWave


If you’re looking for a comprehensive trading platform that allows you to view, analyze and execute trades all in the same application, look no further than the MBT LightWave Trading Platform. MBT LightWave manages your FOREX, stock, futures and options trades from one central location, providing you with proprietary Pressure Charts that have been used by over 160,000 people in their trading, as well as Price Charts for more advanced trade analysis. Whether you’re looking for a way to learn to trade, or you’ve tried other programs with little or no success, MBT LightWave may be the answer to more confident trading.

All-Inclusive Package

With the MBT LightWave Trading Platform, you can:

  • Quickly Scan through thousands of stocks or options to find the ones that meet your specific trading criteria.
  • Analyze your potential trades using our proprietary Pressure Charts and Price Charts.
  • Set Strategies on any combination of assets to enable MBT LightWave to alert you when your exact trading criteria have been met.
  • Receive Alerts in your software, on your mobile phone or in your email on the latest market activity, setups, potential trading opportunities and market movement.
  • Access News from multiple financial news sources with the click of a mouse.
  • Watch MBT Vision directly from your software to get the latest in-depth analysis and market commentary from industry-leading experts.
  • Connect to other traders and trainers around the country through our online MBT World Community.
  • Execute your trades seamlessly through your software into your MB Trading account.
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MBT Lightwave Trading Platform Features

The MBT LightWave Trading Platform provides an all-in-one software package designed to help traders become aefficient in their trading. The MBT LightWave Trading Platform includes features such as:


  • Pressure Charts: MBT LightWave uses a proprietary algorithm to break down complex market data into simplified red and green lights that show the selling and buying pressure in the markets. MBT LightWave includes Pressure Charts for FOREX, stocks, futures and options.
  • Price Charts: MBT LightWave enables you to analyze up to 4 different Price Charts on 1 screen, providing clarity to your trade analysis. Choose from over 20 different studies, including Stochastics, Fibonacci Retracements, Parabolic Stop and Reverse, Volume Studies and Bollinger Bands, to name a few.
  • Scanning Tool: MBT LightWave’s Scanning Tool quickly scours the Stock & Options markets for potential trading candidates based on your trading criteria.
  • Strategies Application: Our unique Strategies Application feature enables you to set strategies on any combination of assets based on your personal trading goals and criteria. MBT LightWave will then alert you via the software, email or text message when your strategy criteria have been met.
  • Live Market Alerts: Our Live Market Alerts are easily accessed through your platform, or sent directly to your email or mobile phone, alerting you on the latest market activity, setups, potential trading opportunities and market movement that may affect your trading. Stay in the loop with Live Market Alerts.
  • Streaming News: Our Streaming News feature conveniently delivers the latest news from financial news sources, including the Wall Street Journal,, Motley Fool and Barron’s. No need to leave your software to receive the latest news that may affect your trading.
  • TradingViews Television Network (TVN): Our online television network streams in-depth trade and market analysis from industry-leading experts, as well as educational information on trading the FOREX, Stocks, Futures and Options markets directly to you in High Definition each trading day. This is the only interactive trading network of its kind.
  • Community: Our exclusive members-only online Community enables you to network with traders and trainers from across the country and around the globe. Post in the forums, interact with traders in the chat rooms, and read blogs from our trainers – all in one place.

Pressure Charts


Price Charts


Streaming Charts


All-Inclusive Package
Questions? Call 888-313-0037 to speak to a MBT LightWave Representative today.
Release Notes
MBT LightWave Update History


Enhancement: Simplified viewing setting added to Lightwave to streamline the UI and minimize resource usage.

Enhancement: Simplified viewing - Ribbon defaulted to being minimized.

Enhancement: Simplified viewing - Basic icons from the ribbon have been added to the Quick Access tool bar.

Enhancement: Simplified viewing - Baskets are limited to 15 symbols.

Enhancement: Simplified viewing - If Simplified viewing is checked right clicking on a Interval will surface a 'Floating Pressure Chart' instead of a 'Price' chart.

Enhancement: Tutorial - LightWave Tutorial documentation and supporting Video Tutorals have been updated to a new easier to use interface and quick search and index capability.

Resolved issue: LightWave uses significantly fewer processor and memory resource to run and operates well on a single core, 2GB memory PC with the Simplified Interface setting turned on and performs very well on multi-core, 2GB memory PC with the Simplified Interface turned off.

Resolved issue: Quick access bar not remembering items added from the 'Learn Tab'.

Resolved issue: MBT Vision - Script Error on Volume Adjustment.

Resolved issue: Baskets not Saving.

Resolved issue: Indices - Indices are incorrect at Market Open if LW has been open since the PrevClose.

Overview Panel

Enhancement: FOREX Volatility Indicator - Added an improved volitility indicator. A star icon will be displayed to the right of the symbol on the overview to indicate high volumes.

Resolved issue: Multiple symbols will display ?'s for the interval lights.

Strategy Builder and Alerts

Enhancement: Strategy Alerts - Added support/resistance price level to Alert message.

Enhancement: Strategy Builder - Strategy Builder now supports the following intervals: Minutes 1 3 5 10 15 20 30 45 60 90 120 130 180 240 360 720 Days (Rolling) 1 5 10 25 Weeks Months.

Resolved issue: Strategy Status - Audio alert resets to 'tada' even if changed.

Resolved issue: Strategy Status - If you click on the $ sign to change the dollar value and click either apply or ok an error will pop up.

Resolved issue: Strategy Builder - Custom rules not functioning.


Enhancement: Charts will now open within the same window by default.

Enhancement: Added the ability to deactivate draw mode from the Right Click menu.

Enhancement: Chart Share - Users now have the ability to upload and share their Price/Pressure chart with other LightWave users via Chart Central on MBT World.

Enhancement: Added the ability to print in 'Landscape' mode.

Resolved issue: The Mid Term and Long Term Bars on Pressure charts seem to be resetting the values for OHLC and Volume to only contain the current day's information.

Resolved issue: When loading the LightWave default layout via Layout Manager the chart that opens may not have all the intervals.

Resolved issue: RSI Study crashes on equities 360 and 720 interval.

Resolved issue: Interval data view does not update when using up/down arrow keys on charts.

Resolved issue: Open/High/Low/Close Chart Saved as Default Reverts to Candlestick Charts.

Resolved issue: When you go to change a time interval from a chart and click on a different interval while the change dialog box is still open, LightWave locks up.


Resolved issue: Sectors - Industry Index information not populating.

Resolved issue: Scan Manager - The Scan Manager is not pulling down scans from the community.

Resolved issue: Option Scan - On the scan results screen if you right click and select 'Open Option Chain' it opens the 'Strategist'.

Resolved issue: Stock Scanner - When right clicking a symbol in the stocks scanner for the floating price chart it generates an error.

Resolved issue: Selecting 'Open Option Strategy' fails to launch the option strategist.


Resolved issue: Layout Manager - Rename Layout does not work.

Resolved issue: Layout Manager - If you load 'Lightwave Default' layout an 'Index out of Range' error is generated.

Resolved issue: Default layouts do not restore correctly on price charts.

Options Chains

Enhancement: Added icon buttons and menu commands to Option Chains to stream/unstream the entire chain.

Enhancement: Added Option Greeks to all option chains.

Resolved issue: Options chains Trade button doesn't offer connection to the Trade Manager if not logged in.

Quotes View

Resolved issue: All of the Last Prices on the Quotes view were showing red text.

Resolved issue: Changes made to the 'Quotes View' are not being saved.

Resolved issue: Open existing chart preference does not update when using up/down arrow keys on charts.

Options Strategist View

Resolved issue: When submitting a multi-leg order through the Strategy Panel, it doesn't allow you to change the strike, month or other usual drop down menu options for the listed options.

Trade Manager

Resolved issue: Trade Manager is not able to sell-write for an open equity position.

Resolved issue: Account settings are not loaded when switching accounts via Order Entry window.

Resolved issue: Application hangs when floating the positions window then navigating to the Overview and back to the Trade Manager.



Enhancement: MBT LightWave now supports the new Options Symbology

Bug Fixes

Resolved issue: On Wizetrade Default Layout If Datapoint flashes green or red the text color comes back as black.

Resolved issue: When Auto updating the software it will still try to log in if MBT LightWave is set to auto login. This can cause an error.

Resolved issue: Divide by Zero error when using a custom interval setup that has less than 8 settings.

Resolved issue: Dock Panels display blank when data feed doesn't connect.

Resolved issue: Cannot add columns to Chains screen.

Resolved issue: Stock Entitled Customer Being Told They Need to Be An Active Subscriber when clicking on Most Active.

Resolved issue: Delta shows as 0.00 when Stream in Place is selected.

Resolved issue: Chart drawing is incorrect after opening a chart and changing light interval 3 or more times.

Resolved issue: Chart export image doesn't place text in the proper location.

Resolved issue: Stock Scanner - The check box function for the " Don't show this welcome screen again" in 'Builder' does not work.

Resolved issue: Error when launching Strategy Status w/ running strategies.


Bug Fixes

Resolved issue: Minimize the Header Ribbon setting does not persist.

Resolved issue: DOW incorrect updating if opened pre-market.

Resolved issue: Baskets - The Open position information on the Overview doesn't display proper entry price of an equity if held overnight.

Resolved issue: Baskets - Options Filters not working unless you select the filter first before clicking apply.

Resolved issue: view will not open or you get an error when opening MBT LightWave if DPI is set to Large (120).

Resolved issue: Price Charts not updating if Daily Pivot Point Study is added.

Resolved issue: Basis Open P&L not calculating correctly.

Resolved issue: Positions and order book data does not come back upon a reconnect if disconnected at a time other than rollover.

Resolved issue: Find Symbol - Australian and Canadian Symbols are coming back in different format.

Resolved issue: OH/WF right clicking on a a symbol from a OH or WF scan and selecting any of the chart functions will produce and empty chart.

Resolved issue: Options scanner not filtering scans - returning all symbols regardless of what scan is run.


Bug Fixes

Resolved issue: Option Hunter not filtering correctly.


Bug Fixes

Resolved issue: High and Low on Overview data values are incorrect if application is open before market.

Resolved issue: Most Active Forex - G/L "By Net" is sorted incorrectly.

Resolved issue: Baskets - Unable to modify symbol order.

Resolved issue: Baskets - Basket will be completely deleted if you close the group that the basket was loaded in.

Resolved issue: Incorrect symbol order when loading a basket.

Resolved issue: ATR calculations on the Overview/Charts are not correct.

Resolved issue: Scroll bar does not appear on Interval lights in charts.

Resolved issue: Interval lights default to chevrons if you close and open MBT LightWave multiple times and save the default layout each time.

Resolved issue: Action column states "close tab" when there are no tabs open for the accounts.

Resolved issue: Window Sized and Location are not persisting.

Resolved issue: Application Crash when opening Account Tab after unpinning a window.


Bug Fixes

Resolved issue: High and Low on Overview data values are incorrect if application is open before market.

Resolved issue: Not all symbols in a basket are loaded when you load a basket.

Resolved issue: Customer's with only a CTFX feed can not access 4x data.

Resolved issue: When closing a chart it will ask you to save it as the default even if you don't change anything.

Resolved issue: Strategy status is not sorting symbols by custom setting.

Resolved issue: Added the ability to navigate charts with the arrow keys.


Bug Fixes

Resolved issue: When Launching MBT LightWave it can take 2 minutes or more to get to the log in screen.

Resolved issue: On charts, some Futures have a blank 11/25 (Thanksgiving Holiday) Day Bar.

Resolved issue: Users are unable to log into more than 1 MBTrading account.

Resolved issue: Stocks Scan result options / results font drop down generates a System.ArgumentException If you click on the font drop down multiple times.


Bug Fixes

Resolved issue: If you type in a invalid symbol but correct before hitting enter "not a valid symbol" would surface.

Resolved issue: The first time you undock the stocks indices it would populate with 4X symbols.

Resolved issue: No data/Blank arrows when entering duplicate symbols to the Overview after market.

Resolved issue: Founders club members are prompted to signup for products.

Resolved issue: The Lights from the chart window to not match Overview if you have a light chart and a price chart open when you change intervals on the Overview.

Resolved issue: Chart Symbol Info button doesn't display position information in the tooltip.

Resolved issue: Customer Account Name and Color doesn't persist.


The MBT LightWave Trading Platform includes the following components

Trend Recognition tools: (FOREX, Stocks, and Futures (Options coming soon)

Scanner Tools: FOREX and Stocks (Scanners for Options and Futures coming soon)


MBT LightWave System Requirements

The MBT LightWave Trading Platform™ (“MBT LightWave”) software application requires the following system requirements to run effectively on a PC or Macintosh:

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7


Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Google Chrome 2.0+


Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 (Required for TradingViews Netowrk)

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 (Required)

Microsoft Excel 2003 (Optional for full .XLS Integration)

Note: Excel is included with the Microsoft Office Suite of products.

Hardware Requirements (Windows XP)

Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium 4 (or compatible)

Minimum: 2.2GHz

Recommended: 3.0Ghz

System Memory (RAM): 1 GB minimum (Recommended: 2 GB)

Disk Space: Minimum 300MB Available

Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Hardware Requirements (Windows Vista 32-bit Systems):

Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium 4 (or compatible)

Minimum: 2.4GHz

Recommended: 3.0Ghz

System Memory (RAM): 2 GB minimum (Recommended: 4 GB)

Disk Space: Minimum 300MB Available

Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768

Data Feed Requirements:

MBT LightWave Data Feeds (Customers outside North America, please contact Support)

Internet Connection Requirements:

High Speed Broadband Connection Including:

DSL, Cable, Fiber Optic, or T1/T3

*Minimum Required Download Speed: 1.5 MB

**Wireless Internet connections are not recommended and include:

Satellite, Radio, Air Card, and Wireless Router Connections

Viruses, Trojan horses and spyware may also affect the overall performance of your computer and Internet connection. All MBT LightWave customers should ensure they are using up-to-date anti-spyware and anti-virus applications on their computers at all times to minimize performance degradations and security risks.

*Not all plans provide the same connection speeds. To ensure your plan meets the minimum download requirements, consult your Internet Service Provider.

**Due to latency and packet loss issues surrounding all wireless technologies, reliable connections cannot always be ensured. Best results are seen using a hardwired broadband Internet connection.

NEW TO MBT LightWave: Please note, the more windows or tabs you have running in your MBT LightWave application, the more memory will be needed by your computer. If you are experiencing delays in your application, it is highly recommended to close some of the tabs or windows you may not be currently using.

Macintosh Users:

MBT LightWave products are compatible with Microsoft Windows operating systems only. Macintosh users may run MBT LightWave applications on Intel-based Macintosh systems within a dual-boot or virtual Windows environment. Below are recommended specifications for Macintosh systems:

An Intel-based Mac with OSX 10.4 or Higher

2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo (or Faster)

2GB RAM Minimum (4GB Recommended)

Boot Camp 2.1 or Parallels

10 GB Free Disc Space for Microsoft Windows & Windows-based Applications

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or higher Installation Disc

All above Software, Data Feed and Internet Connection Requirements within a Windows environment.