Find the best MB Trading Part for your trading needs.

Introducing OmniTrader Professional™ by Nirvana Systems, Inc. - "The Trading Platform of the Future."

Pro includes a large indicator library, pre-defined trading systems, plus automatic chart pattern recognition.

Trading simulators help you gain trading experience. When you are ready to engage the market, use Visual Brokerage™ to place trades and move stops in the charts. Trade Plans then manage your trades through an automated step-by-step approach to money management. You also get fundamental and technical stock screens, the ability to create custom trading systems and indicators, and a robust portfolio simulator. Advanced trading strategies can be constructed without programming, and multiple strategies can be run on hundreds of symbols in real time. OmniPilot (currently included with Pro) can automatically trade your strategies or contact you for trade authorization. Ease of use and advanced features make Pro an ideal trading tool for novices and professionals alike. And now, OmniTrader Professional directly supports the MB Trading brokerage platform.

For: Stocks Futures Options Forex