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The Home of Volume Spread AnalysisTM

TradeGuider offers Volume Spread Analysis based on the methodologies of Richard Wyckoff a famous Wall Street Trader in the 1900's and Tom Williams a professional syndicate trader in the 1960's. The methodology works by analyzing the interaction between "Smart Money" activity in the market and the influence it has bar-by-bar on the chart.

There is a definite proven link between Smart Money activity and Price Movement. This enables users of the VSA methodology to consistently trade successfully alongside the professionals.

TradeGuider offers educational courses and live trading in the markets to teach traders and investors how to trade alongside the "Smart Money". It has also taken its VSA methodology and computerized it into a complete Software System to help traders trade successfully using the methodology in any market and in any time-frame. TradeGuider is committed to creating successful Profitable Traders who understand how the markets really work.

For: Stocks Futures Forex